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2020 FlorArt

Stylin' & Low Profilin' 

FlorArt decorative floor mats provide legit floor protection in a stylish, low-profile design that's super easy to clean.

Real floor protection that looks as good as it performs. If your floors are under a constant barrage of spills, dirty shoes, and muddy paws, now's the time to add FlorArt to your floor's arsenal.

Based on the old world painted floor cloths, FlorArt adds a decorative, low-profile layer of protection to high traffic areas of your home at a fraction of the price, and headache, of traditional rugs and cheap vinyl. No more worries about stains or spills, because our treated tops are stain-resistant and easily wipe clean. FlorArts multiple sizes make it ideal for kitchens, hallways, and coffee tables. And because it's made right here in the USA with commercial grade materials, FlorArt is guaranteed to last.

Give your floors a boost of style and protect them from the marathon of everyday life with FlorArt by Bungalow Flooring.